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SB200 Heathkit and Collins 30L-1 Bias System Improvements  (word)

SB200 Heathkit and Collins 30L-1 Bias System Improvements (pdf format) 

SB200 Heathkit Collins 30L-1 Arc and Fault Protection rev2 (pdf format) updated 10 May 2023

Ameritron AL572 Amplifier Factory Error Corrections for relay system and reliability (pdf format)

AL80B, AL572, AL800, AL800H relay timing, bias, and arc protection mods (pdf format)

Bandswitch wiring and replacement (pdf format)

Ameritron GOP and Timer Overload

TOF Install AL82 AL1200

Our Kits and Products


Kenwood X54-1300-10 pdf

SB200 Heathkit Relay Buffer Install and URB200BMK

SB200 SB220 Relay Installation Heathkit K1 69-55 relay, Heathkit 69-5 relay Install


AL80B, AL572, AL800, and AL800H Factory Error Correction Kit

Fan Mod AL811 AL811H (Rev 1) PDF file

Fan Mod AL811 and AL811H(Rev0) word doc

AL811 and AL811H Upgrade Kit Manual (Rev2)  Updated AUGUST 2022

AL811 AL811H TPS3 TPS4 parasitic suppressor upgrade instructions pdf file

AL1500 and QSK Filter Capacitor  Additional Instructions (old) 

AL1200 AL1500 AL82 F33 Filter capacitor board install (old)

AL1200 AL82 AL1500 F33/F54 PDF file instructions (latest)

HV TESTER Instructions

TOF Installation current files (Aug 1, 2022)

UNSS (soft-start step-start) Generic Installation


Vacuum Tube Operation

(we sell vacuum tubes)

Designing Thoriated Tungsten Filaments


Thoriated Tungsten Filament Operation


Getter Materials (used to degas vacuum tubes)