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Dentron Plate Choke and Parasitic Suppressor Kit

We also have OEM carbon composition resistors if you want to rebuild your OEM suppressors. This is our RFC245 plate choke with our TPS4 suppressor installed in a Dentron Clipperton L amplifier. The suppressor and choke bundle with hardware, USA shipped, is $100.

RFC245 in Clipperton L Dentron

RFC245 TPS4 bundle installed in Clipperton L Dentron

Dentron Clipperton Choke and Suppressor Installation Manual link


Heathkit SB200 Heathkit SB220 Plate Choke
We also have OEM carbon composition resistors if you want to rebuild your OEM suppressors, and we offer a superior assembled parasitic suppressor!

OEM original quality, exact electrical copy. Mounts the same as the original Heathkit 45-61 choke

Heathkit 45-61 plate choke

OEM Style PN 45-61 Heathkit Plate Choke on ceramic form

SB200 SB220 Heathkit plate choke

Heathkit replacement chokes ceramic forms

$49 shipped. Unlimited inventory, although lower terminal design varies. The copper snap ring on right actually has better RF characteristics.

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Antenna Relays

Link SB-200 SB221 SB201 SB-220 120Vdc 110Vdc 3PDT DPDT Antenna Relay

This 110Vdc 120Vdc DPDT or 3PDT relay is compatible with Collins, Heathkit, and other high voltage dc coil relays. Unlike other systems this relay is properly sequenced.


Link to Relay Buffer Board (Soft Key)

This relay buffer is better and more reliable than other relay buffers. It has a more normal trigger threshold voltage for additional reliability. This system is compatible with any amplifier, including the Collins 30L-1, SB220, and SB200 amplifiers.

Link to SB220 SB221 Power Supply Board 

This direct fit power supply board improves airflow and reliability of SB220 filter capacitors. It also mounts in many other amplifiers.

U220FC Heathkit Drake TenTec filter capacitor board

Filter Capacitor Board connections

Link to SB220 Rectifier Board

SB220 rectifier power supply board


Link Universal Step Start Board SB200 SB220 30L-1

This board directly fits the SB200, SB220, and Collins 30L-1 amplifiers when configured for 120Vdc operation

Universal Step Start basic DC system

Universal Step Start configured for 12Vdc systems.


Link To Dentron Clipperton Plate Choke and Parasitic Suppressor Bundle
(we also have OEM carbon composition resistors if you want to rebuild your OEM suppressors)   Package price for choke and suppressor assembly bundle with all hardware and base insulator $100 shipped priority mail USA.