Heathkit Drake Dentron Parts

Universal 120Vdc relay 3PDT

CTR Engineering RL3pDT120dc (this circuitry is patent pending)

New! 120Vdc 3PDT and 2PDT Relay Board! There is no longer any need to use hard-to-find slow obsolete relays in SB200, SB220, Collins, and other amplifiers.

This board is a direct drop-in superior replacement for all 120Vdc antenna relays used in SB220, SB200, Collins 30L-1, and other 120Vdc antenna relays.

This board is time-sequenced to always close antenna contacts slightly before and hold the antenna contact closed slightly after the control signal and input/bias relay release.

Yellow color = relay keying line (20V per division)

Aqua color = Output Close time: 4mS

Red color = input and bias contacts

Green color = unwanted back-pulse

Connection into and out of the relay board

Wiring connections Heathkit Collins 120Vdc relay (patent pending)

SB200 relay

SB200 Antenna Relay


Sequenced 120Vdc relay system $59.00 shipped USA
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