Vacuum Relay RJ1A, GigaVac, or Kilovac direct equivalent




New Relays $110

Pull out from new equipment $69

plus shipping






AL811 relay AL811H AL80B AL12 series. This is the same relay originally used in the AL811 and AL80B.  new

$33.00 plus shipping




AL80A relay, AL80 relay, AL1200 relay, AL1500 relay, AL82 relay, Dentron relay, and other 12Vdc 120 ohm coil stud mount relays. This is a quality gold flashed contact brand new relay. It is just slightly larger than the original relay. Comes prepped for install, but you must sequence the output contact per instructions!  Sequencing is a simple operation.

120Vdc relays available on 30 day lead time.

$68 plus shipping.