Vacuum Relay RJ1A, GigaVac, or Kilovac direct equivalent



RJ1A ITT Jennings or Gigavac USA made equivalent vacuum TR relay.

New Relays $135

Pull out from new equipment OUT OF STOCK

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Gigavac Vacuum Relay SPDT T

Brand new G8WP Gigavac SPDT relay $190 each















Gigavac New DPDT Vacuum Relay

Brand New Gigavac G12SP DPDT vacuum relay $190







Ameritron AL811 relay AL811H AL80B  This is the same relay X919KP Relay Services originally used in the Ameritron AL811 and AL80B.  brand new

$93.00 plus shipping


AL1200 AL82 AL1500 AL80A Ameritron SB1000 Heathkit relay Dentron 408-6139 relay

Ameritron Dentron Heathkit Amplifier Antenna Relay

AL1200 AL82 AL1500 AL80 AL80A Dentron Amp Supply Heathkit antenna relay

Antenna relay 12Vdc high power

AL80A relay, AL80 relay, AL1200 relay, AL1500 relay, AL82 relay, Dentron relay, and other 12Vdc 120 ohm coil stud mount relays. This is a quality gold flashed contact brand new relay. This antenna transfer relay comes prepped for install with contacts sequenced for the antenna relay for AL1200/AL82/AL1500 Ameritron, Ameritron AL80A relay, and Heathkit SB1000 amplifier relay. For other amplifiers please specify the form.

This relay is also a great choice when converting the Heathkit SB-200 and SB-220 series to more conventional and stable circuitry with 12V dc relay.

120Vdc relays available on 30 day lead time.


$88 plus shipping.