Ameritron (and other) Amplifier Repair Service

We are now offering update and service from the original designer of ALL Ameritron amplifiers and amplifiers sold by many other companies. We will correct manufacturing defects or component failure issues with fast turnaround times. As long as we have parts in stock, our normal service turnaround is less than one week.

No more waiting months just to get original assembly type repairs!

We offer tubes, transistors, parts, and service for Ameritron, Heathkit, Henry, Mirage, Vectronics, Dentron, National, Alpha, Collins, and all other brands. We also service Gates, Harris, RCA, Continental, and Collins broadcast transmitters and antenna phasing units.


Commercial transmitters and phasing systems are $130 per hour on site. We bill $30 per hour plus travel (no per diem) when off-site. We service equipment of any power level, including SWBC.

Amateur Radio Equipment is billed at $65 per hour, the customer pays shipping charges both ways.

We offer a limited warranty. Please contact us for specific details and before shipping equipment to us. Email Link