RF Switches Medium and High Power

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Ameritron AL82 AL1200 AL1500 bandswitch and band switch wafers

AL82 AL1200 AL1500 bandswitch

Ameritron Front bandswitch AL12 series  500-3557-1B, CTR PN SW12F $212.00
Ameritron front input wafer 20 degree index SW12-2P6  $33.00

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AL80B AL80A SB1000 Heathkit Ceramic Bandswitch Assembly
Ameritron 500-2135 CTR PN SW80BF $152.00

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AL811/811H Front Bandswitch Assembly

CTR PN SW811BF $81.35

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SB200 SB220 SB201 SB221 Bandswitch wafer only
CTR PN SW200BW $82.95
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AL811/AL80B/AL572 Rear Input Wafer 30 degree DPDT plastic
CTR PN SW8RW $36.00
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RF High Voltage HV high current switch

Transmitting RF Switches

In stock, many RF, high voltage, high current switches by manufacturers that include Centralab/CRL and Radio Switch Corporation (RSC). We have wafers for Heathkit SB220, SB200, Ameritron, National, Henry, Alpha, Johnson, B&W, and many other applications. We have hundreds of new and used switches in stock for many popular and obsolete applications.

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