RF Chokes and Inductors


We have a large stock of inductors and RF chokes, thousands of different types. Please email for your specific needs.




117 µH nominal with resonances at 19.5 and 27.3 MHz.

Standard Radio Frequency chokes single layer and older  direct replacement Heathkit SB-1000 and Ameritron plate choke. $26 shipped anywhere in the USA.

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245 uH 2A with series resonance at 11.7 and 16.3 MHz

Direct replacement Ameritron Gen II. $32 shipped anywhere in USA

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Custom high power or high voltage RF chokes available!

Custom RF Chokes

Custom RF chokes and inductors designed and verified to your specifications. $70/hr labor plus materials. Inquire for price.

Example of rewound OEM choke. The damaged choke is frequency swept if possible so an exact electrical duplicate can be made. Otherwise a physical copy is made. Typical cost is $100 plus materials, although individual chokes can be more or less.

FL2100 choke before repair/rewind:

severely burned FL2100 choke

FL2100 plate choke damaged

FL2100 choke after repair/rewind:

Rewound and tested plate choke for FL2100 Yaesu

FL2100 plate choke rewind

Axial lead chokes, pi and solenoid, of various ratings. E-mail with requirement for price:


SB200 SB220 FL2100 Henry amplifier Ameritron Dentron Amp Supply Vectronics Boat anchor choke 2.5 mH 1 mH 100uH

RF chokes various sizes

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Edge Wound Inductors and Air Wound Inductors of all sizes. 

Miniductor, edge wound, copper tubing, and high current silver plated custom inductors.

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