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Command Technologies 3-500Z for sale. Directly replaces Ameritron 3-500ZG 380-0500GT. Improved direct drop in for all 3-500Z amplifiers including older Drake, Heathkit, and Henry amplifiers.

The best 3-500 tube being manufactured!
One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

3-500Z 3-500ZG 3-500C tube


New Command Technologies 3-500 graphite anode tube, also called 3-500ZG and 3-500C for sale. It is a better-tested substitute for the Ameritron 380-0500GT and other 3-500 tubes.
There are currently two plants manufacturing 3-500 tubes. Command Technologies  carefully selected the best and most reliable source for their tubes. All tubes are tested both at the source and locally for anode-to-grid breakdown voltage, anode-to-grid and filament leakage current, grid-to-filament voltage breakdown, along with peak grid current while running at peak emission limits with the filament at 5.0 volts.

Matched pairs are selected for similar grid current curves at high power in a peak emission test. Other companies either match idle current or lower drive output power, neither of which truly match a tube used in class AB2.

Because every tube is 100% tested there is no extra charge for matched pairs. We pull the closest pair.

Warranty 1 year from date of sale against gas, shorts, and emission loss when operated within manufacturer’s specifications. Breakage or abuse failures are excluded. $269 each plus shipping. Order Now



4CX250R mil spec 7580W

Tested used mil spec 4CX250R 7580W Tube, mostly Amperex. These tubes are fully tested. 30 day return if undamaged
$47 each shipped USA only. Order Now



YC156A tube

Tested used YC156A tubes. These tubes are fully tested. 30 day return if undamaged and used in a properly designed amplifier.        $950 each shipped USA only. Order Now


YC-108 4CX5000A7

Tested new or like new YC108 4CX5000 tubes. These tubes are fully tested. 30 day return if undamaged         $1450 each shipped USA only. Order Now


New old stock 3CX1200D7

Tested new 3CX1200D7 tubes. Call for price on 3CX1200Z7 tubes. These tubes are new and fully tested but well beyond Eimac warranty. 90 day return if undamaged. 3CX1200D7 NOS         $980 each shipped USA only. Order Now




Transmitting Tube Sockets all types

3-500Z style Ceramic EF Johnson $49

Hi-flow metal  3-500Z $79

8877 3CX1500A7 metal and ceramic  Eimac  $119

EF Johnson 3CX800A7 and similar Compactron style $29

Grid collets for various tubes, including 3CX800A7 grid collet

Also larger and smaller tube sockets, connectors, and chimneys.

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