Ameritron Upgrade Boards

AL1200 AL1500 AL82 Filter Capacitor Board

Also see FC-220 3600 Volt for other applications

Also see Step Start (Soft Start)

Also see AL12BRHD heavy-duty rectifier board below

Part Number F33-4500

This board is a superior direct drop replacement for the 50-01143-1 Ameritron AL-1200, AL-1500, and AL-82 filter capacitor board. The working voltage rating of this board is 4500 Vdc!

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Before you buy a different cheaper board consider:
1.) This board exceeds accepted leakage path lengths of 0.1 inch per 1,000 volts for voltage gradients across any point on the board, including trace to trace voltages and voltages to mounting holes. Many boards do not do this, and are subject to long term failure from carbon tracking.

2.) The resistors in this board are high reliability. They are operated safely below voltage breakdown.

The ten 450Vdc capacitors in this board are special long life high current capacitors. The capacitors are long life rated at @ 105c  with 1.98 ampere ripple current. The bleeders are high reliability metal film resistors. 

This fully tested board is superior to any other board on the market. This board was designed by W8JI, the original AL-1200, AL-82, AL-1500 series amplifier designer, the way this board would have been made without cost restraints.

This drop in AL1200 AL82 AL1500 board has exceptionally long arc paths. The circuit board is a high quality USA manufactured board solder mask coated board.  The ten high temperature long life rated electrolytics alone cost over $150 wholesale at last check!

This board is universal. It will never go obsolete, any standard size capacitor with either screw terminals or solder tabs will fit.

33 uF at 4500 Vdc

4 megohm metering

350 amp surge clamped rail

7.5 inches long, 3.750 inches deep, 3-inch nominal vertical space.
Six 3.25″ spaced #6 (.140″) mounting holes

$269 USA mainland shipping included. PayPal purchase add 8%


Installation wiring Ameritron AL1200, AL1500, AL82 series amplifiers


AL1200 AL82 AL1500 filter capacitor board


CTR-01143-1 filter capacitor

Filter bank Ameritron AL-1200 bottom


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AL-1200 AL-1500 AL-82 filter capacitor board

AL1200 AL1500 AL82 Ameritron filter capacitor board

This board is subject to parts availability! Price may change. This higher capacitance board is larger than recommended for Ameritron Amplifiers in normal use.

47uF at 4500 Vdc

4 megohm metering

350 amp surge clamped rail

7.5 inches long, 3.750 inches deep, 3.75 inch nominal vertical space.
Six 3.25″ spacing #6 (.140″) mounting holes

$299 USA plus shipping Specify 47uF capacitance! 

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Rectifier Board AL1200, AL1500, AL82 Ameritron


This bridge rectifier board uses six 1kV rectifiers per leg for a total of twenty-four rectifiers. It is available with knurled thumb screws or for direct soldering. Like all of our circuit boards it features 1/10th inch spacing per kilovolt, a heavy insulating  mask, and rounded HV pads to eliminate creepage and carbon tracking failures.
We intentionally placed the low voltage negative near outside spacers for safety.

This board rotates to any position when stacked with the F33-4500.
$40 plus shipping. HV wire and knurled terminals add $5

AL12BRHD Order AL12BRHD now

Step-start relay replacement UNSS-AL12

$60 complete with all hardware and mounting plate

Step start relay AL82, AL1200, AL1500

I also have improved relay and other Ameritron boards.

Universal Step-Start System


TOF System