Ameritron 811 and 811H Upgrade Kits

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These kits include all the parts to bring your Ameritron AL811 and AL811H amplifier up to date.

811KS Power Supply kit $49 plus shipping Order now

(Power Supply rebuild).) four better sized higher-voltage much longer-life 5000 hours 105c rated electrolytics
2.) four improved bleeder/equalizer resistors
3.) one large 6A grid meter protection diode
4.) four meter multiplier resistors. These resistors also correct a slight meter error

811 amplifier power supply

Ameritron AL811 Power Supply Upgrade Kit

811KP $29.95 plus shipping Order now

(Protection Kit) 811KP
1.) three application tested GDT tubes
2.) one large 6A meter protection diode
3.) one 100k 2 watt resistor
4.) two 3.9V 5 watt Zener diodes
5.) 10-ohm 9-watt CCS 10kV rated fault resistor

AL811 protection GDT kit

Amplifier GDT Protection Kit

Add on:
811R200K $18 plus shipping Order now

200-ohm 25-watt non-inductive load resistor, ceramic capacitor, with all necessary stainless hardware for Ameritron AL811 amplifier

AL811 200 Ohm resistor kit